Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cunninghame ramblers. Mid week walk on Dailly paths.November 2014

Walking along the Main Street

Lots of very muddy tracks today

Lunch in the forest

Good stile gets out of the forest

and some relief from the mud

Group less two. (away for a comfort stop,guess who)

Traffic commissioner was our leader
Yesterday Wednesday November 26th Cunninghame ramblers met in Dailly on a cloudy reasonably mild day for a 6 mile walk round the village utilizing two of the well known local trails. Firstly 19 ramblers left the square for a mile or so of road walking before going up a very muddy path that led us into Kilgrammie woods to a  pleasant ramble along a track back to the village whereupon our next part of the walk took us into Lindsayston woods to a pleasant lunch stop beside a small burn.Suitably refreshed we next left the woods onto a good road where we met the farmer from Balcamie Farm who explained to us the various reasons for separating the sheep during the breeding season. We also asked about the local curling pond that was supposed to have been used up until about 60 years ago. He very kindly took us down to where it had been and also pointed out an old brick building which housed the curling stones until they were required during the winter months. I have past this pond on many occasions without ever seeing this building, thank you sir for taking the time out to show this part of local history.Arriving back at the start our leader was thanked for guiding us through the mud on another very jovial day out with this rambling group.

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