Sunday, 30 November 2014

Deerstalkers dinner party. November 2014

Out to shoot the dinner.
Last night Anne and I were extremely honoured to be invited to the deerstalkers house in Ayr for dinner. Along with 8 other guests we were treated to a superb meal of chicken and local venison with lots of alcoholic beverages. During the after dinner chat lots of varied subjects were discussed along with   more strong drink. Arriving home Anne and I were accompanied by the teacher and his lovely partner whereupon I opened a bottle of this years sloe gin which was to the best of my recollection first class. Great night out but plays havoc with the walking programme. Thanks must go to the deerstalker for providing an excellent meal she really did us all proud.

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  1. With all that booze, I hope there were no misunderstood 'Freudian Slips'.

    "As an alcoholic, I don't really worry about it if I make a Freudian slip.
    I have lager problems in life."