Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kilmarnock OIR. Darvel circular. December 2014

I took this to emphasize the colour of the sky.

This guy was enjoying the frosty morning

Keeping her ears warm

Sshhhhhh its a secret.

Day of the long shadows

Making good use of old railway  lines


At the sculpture to William Wallace

Old railway abutment being used as seating

The ranger with the deerstalker.
Yesterday I joined up with Kilmarnock OIR (opportunities in retirement) group on a really cold frosty morning in Darvel for a 9 mile walk to the volcanic plug of Loudounhill.17 set off along a minor country road before climbing up onto the hills that overlook the town. Once the sun got up the real chill came out of the frosty air and layers of clothing were coming off. Once at Loudounhill it was decided that as it was particularly icy the group would split into two ,those that were up for the steep climb and alternatively a pleasant walk around the base of the hill. I opted for the latter as there was no way I was going to risk falling down and maybe break my leg or ankle. We regrouped at an old bridge making an ideal spot for our lunch stop before walking back to the start on the old railway line which was a wee bit muddy in places . Thanks to the group for allowing all to join you we had a super walk in brilliant winter sunshine,look forward to seeing you again in the very near future.

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