Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cunninghame ramblers. Mid week walk to Goldenberry Hill ,West Kilbride.January 2015

On the shore looking out to Arran

Catching up on New Year gossip.

And I left my man curled up in a nice warm bed!!

In horse racing terms"the going was heavy"

Who forgot to pick up their flask?

Hunterston Nuclear power plant with Millport in the background.

Group on top of Goldenberry Hill.

1st walk leader of 2015. 
Yesterday Tuesday January 6th Cunninghame ramblers 1st mid week walk of 2015 was  10 miles from Seamill shore to Goldenberry Hill returning via Hunterston power station  and Portencross castle.14 of us met in the beach car park in the wind and rain but our intrepid leader informed us it was the the end of a large shower and the forecast was to dry up and be a nice sunny day. Once we were all togged up for the weather off we went along the shore with the wind in our faces so any cobwebs from the new year were soon blown away. Once at West Kilbride the rain stopped and the sun made an appearance to give is wonderful views of a snow capped Island of Arran. A good climb up Goldenbery Hill got the heart pumping even at the moderate rate of this group who lets say are advancing in years a little bit.There is a lot of construction work taking place at the power station so 2 mile diversion was taken via Hunterston Castle to get us onto the track to Portencross Castle which was to be our lunch break. During our lunch a very sinister looking nuclear submarine made an appearance on the surface of the water to observe us all tucking into our sandwiches.A nice long shore walk got us back to the start apart from a couple of showers most of the walk had been in glorious winter sunshine. Thanks to the leader once again for working out how to get us round the power station without upsetting the security guards who were watching our every movement as we passed around the perimeter of this most secretive establishment.                    

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