Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cunninghame ramblers. Mid week walk, Irvine /Dreghorn circular.January 2015

Some of todays paths were very icy.

Local historian giving us a wee story of times gone by.

A real winters scene

Often the grass was safer to walk on.

Could not think of a printable caption!!

An extremely rare sight I am told.

Todays well wrapped up group.

Don't all push to get in

The leader is always last.
Yesterday Wednesday January 21 Cunninghame ramblers mid week walk was a wee bit different from our normal outings. Being in the middle of winter a short 7 mile walk was organised to end at Wetherspoons in Irvine for lunch and refreshments. No prizes for guessing whose idea it was! 20 of us met in the Aldis car park before setting off on the New Town trail to Dreghorn where we climbed a small hill locally known as the "munt" presumably an Ayrshire word for the mount. Here we had a short break before going down the Annick Water  paths back to Irvine. Lots of wintering birds were spotted on this stretch which our twitching member  able to identify for us,namely buzzard, grey wagtail,blue heron,mallard,murganser to name a few. Arriving back in the town it was off to Wetherspoons for something to eat followed by a pleasant afternoons drinking with this fine group.
PS. Thanks to the chemist for helping me with the recce,thanks to the traffic commissioner for his contribution to the pictures and finally thanks to everyone for supporting my walk on a cold frosty winters day.
PPs today we also met a group of fellow walkers who have the most interesting blog that goes under the name of the Early Ooters.Lots of information was swapped and you never know we could perhaps enjoy a joint walk with them in the near future.

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  1. Well done in your organisational skills Gordon. I've bumped into a couple of the Early Ooters in the past. Fit old boys the couple I met.
    When's yer pal back frae his wanders ?