Thursday, 29 January 2015

Manchester city break. January 2015

Let the bus do the driving

Britannia Hotel

Manchesters answer to the London Eye.

Some very grand architecture.

to some very futuristic

This old water pump

was proudly made in Kilmarnock.

Some of the exhibits

in the museum of science and industry.

Manchesters media city.
Anne and I have just returned from a most enjoyable city break in Manchester . Arriving by coach on Monday we checked into the Britannia Hotel which is situated right in the city centre before our next important mission  to discover the locations of our nearest branch of Wetherspoons.On Tuesday we went to the Science and Industry museum which is built around 5 very large warehouses each containing different exhibits from all parts of the local industries.Next was a visit to a Lowry museum showing  pictures of match stick men which I am told he is famous for. Attached to this museum is a factory outlet shopping centre so a visit there was essential for one person in this famous duo. Next  a tour round Media City which for an additional cost you could visit the set of Coronation Street not an option either of us were keen to do.In the evening we went to Wetherspoons Paramount for dinner and a few refreshments to round off a very pleasant day out. On Wednesday the coach left at 11.00AM and by 4.00PM we were home in Ayr after a snowy windy drive up the M6  motorway thank goodness neither of us were driving. Later on last night the road conditions for that journey were described as treacherous so we were very fortunate to make it home with the minimum of disruption.

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  1. I only just noticed your Inverness break was November. I honestly thought you'd gone straight from Inverness to Manchester. You and Anne are certainly getting around Gordon.
    Haven't been in the Museum since it's upgrade, looks good.
    Brian and Michael made a great pop record about Lowry called "Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs"