Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cunninghame ramblers. Glen Loin loop near Arrochar. April 2015

See text!!

Arrochar with Ben Lomond in the background.

Tea break in the sunshine.

Still lots of snow high up on the mountains.

One of many waterfalls.

Small stretch of roadwalking was done.

Smiling together in the fine weather.

This is what really makes the day worthwhile.

Hopefully this members car will be washed prior to going out again with Cunninghame ramblers, standards must be maintained.

Todays large group.
 Yesterday Cumnninghame ramblers travelled to Arrochar to walk what is known as the Glen Loin loup.Before we arrived at the start the car I was traveling in ably driven by the groups transport co-ordinator was stopped for speeding by the police in the village of Tarbet. I was sitting in the rear seat as the officer approached our vehicle, I wanted to shout  "Oot the caur Stirling" but I refrained from making any comment as our driver excelled himself and got off with a caution.(43MPH) After this little bit of drama we arrived at the start on the most wonderful warm sunny morning with lots of snow still clearly visible on the tops of the Arrochar Alps. 22 walkers made their way up a steep path to the forestry track to take us to Glen Loin and its spectacular mountains.Lots of water and sweetie stops were made in the unseasonably warm day before lunching at the base of Ben Vane. The last part of the 11 mile walk goes down through the glen with views out to Loch Long it was not long before we arrived back at the cars and to round off a perfect day the majority of the group made their way to the pub for a well earned pint. Thanks to the two "D's" who were doing a combined leadership for the walk it was a job well done girls.
The two "D's" were todays leaders.

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