Sunday, 19 April 2015

ADRC Seamill to Largs linear.April 2015

Walkers stop to admire the wonderful scenery.

Looking out to Millport.

Wee Cumbrae with beacon on top.

We assumed that a pint of beer was not on offer!!

Walker trying to find out the winner of todays National.

She only came this way to give me a photo of a tree lined avenue.

A lovely spot for our lunch break.

Memorial to Fairlies  boat builder.

Just glad to get a wee seat.

The farmer was our leader.
Yesterday ADRC met at Seamill for an 8 mile linear walk to Largs Marina. 28 of us left the village in warm glorious sunshine along the shore towards Portencross Castle and the cliffs known locally as the three sisters standing high looking out to the wee and big Cumbrae islands.On this route you pass right past the perimeter fence guarding the sinister looking Hunterston Nuclear Power Station with all its buildings emitting a strange humming noise.Once we arrived in the quaint village of Fairlie a leisurely lunch was taken basking in the unseasonally warm sunshine before our last 2 mile stretch that took the group to Largs boating marina with its fine array of large yachts.Here the walkers were given an option to either go for the bus back to Fairlie or alternatively carry on to the town for coffee or more importantly beer at the newly opened branch of Wetherspoons. No guessing which group I was in. HA HA.Thanks to the farmer for organising a great walk in what was the most perfect weather to see this beautiful part of the west coast of Scotland.

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  1. Awright Gordon, now you've moved clubs, doesn't mean you can move nicknames.

    Looks a great walk though.