Monday, 31 August 2015

ADRC. Annual marathon from Girvan to Ayr August 2015

The ones that started the marathon.(not all finished)
Yesterday saw another successsful marathon with Ayr and District ramblers. Again I was the nominated walk leader as we left Girvan railway station to walk on the road by the golf course just to increase the mileage to make it up to 26 miles. It was a glorious warm sunny morning when we joined the Ayrshire Coastal Path (ACP) to make our way to Turnberry our first major stop on this epic journey. Next we arrived in the lovely fishing village of the Maidens where two of our group called it a day reducing us down to 14. Next was a lunch stop in Culzean Castle grounds where incidentally there was a reenactment army display going on with lots of loud bangs and old soldiers marching about in period uniforms,not the peace and tranquility we were looking forward to.4 of the walkers left us here reducing us to 10 for the next section past Croy shore onto Dunure. We hit a small problem here as we were ahead of the schedule I had worked out we encountered a tide problem with the path along by the rocks was impassable for a short period until the tide ebbed a little to allow us a dry passage through. Arriving in glorious sunny Dunure we stopped for ice cream and drinks to replenish all the salts we were losing in the heat.Another walker left us here leaving 9 on the final leg to Ayr. Limbs were now starting to tire so the pace was a gentle one over the rocks and sandy bays until we reached Greenan Castle and our goal of Ayr town was now in site.The last 3 miles were taken on the prom as we made our way to Wetherspoons for that well earned pint or three. Another successful marathon with my thanks and appreciation to all the walkers  for  the help and assistance afforded to me to make this a very memorable 26 mile day out.

PS. We had the company of the "Duke" with us yesterday who is going to prepare a full "U" tube account of the day and when I receive it I will post the link for all bloggers to enjoy.(hence the reason for lack of photos on my post.)

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