Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tay Bridges August 2015

The Tay road bridge

Walkers use a path between the two carriageways

It can be quite noisy

Cyclists can also enjoy the crossing

Unfortunately the surface is deteriorating

Looking back to Dundee
Now I caught the train back to Dundee

Crossing the rail bridge by train

Finished this part of the day in Wetherspoons
 Today Saturday August 29 I set off by bus to Dundee ,something I have always wanted to do is to walk over the road bridge and come back by train over the rail bridge. Early start to Glasgow got me on the gold bus to Dundee arriving about 9.30AM .Once I made my way to the bridge trying to avoid all the new groundworks the city is carrying out along the banks of the river I finally found the stairs onto the bridge. It is just under 2 miles long on the path which runs between the two carriageways meaning it was quite noisy at times as the lorries thundered past. Lots of people use this way to cross especially joggers and cyclists. Once at the other side I went down onto the shore to await a bus to take me to Leuchars railway station to allow me to cross the rail bridge. The bus took me all round the wee villages before arriving at the station which was a lovely place all decorated with colourful flowers blooming in the warm sunshine.Train arrives and I made my journey over the bridge for the first time in about 60 years since my  parents took me on holiday to Carnoustie in the 1950's.Once back in Dundee I had a wee refreshment in Wetherspoons before catching a bus to Perth to visit my daughter and grandson. Then it was bus to Glasgow and onto Ayr to end a super day out that I have been planning to do since I retired back in 2009 well worth the wait.

PS Tomorrow is the annual walking marathon (26 miles) so there will be no blog published until I recover sometime on Monday!!!

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