Sunday, 17 January 2016

Cunninghame ramblers. Irvine to Kilmarnock linear. January 2016

Stop to let everyone catch up.

Crossing a bridge/ice rink.

Excellent surfaces on the old railway line.

Todays group.
Yesterday Saturday January 17 Cunninghame ramblers met on a cold frosty morning to walk 7 miles to Kilmarnock on the old railway line before taking the bus back to Irvine.20 of us set off and it was nice to have 2 local visitors with us who may become members in the near future.The first part of our walk took us past the Hallmark Hotel which over the years has changed its name several times just to keep us all confused. Once on the railway line great care had to be taken as it was extremely icy in places making for one or two slips and slides but fortunately nothing too serious. Morning coffee was taken on a stretch of line known locally as coachmans brae near to Dreghorn in sight of our local retired school teachers place of employment.As we passed the villages of Springside and Knockentiber lots of history was discussed and little stories of a bygone year were swapped. On reaching Kilmarnock 3 of us left the group to get their bus to Irvine whilst we carried on into the town bypassing Wetherspoons to the main bus station to make our way home after a most enjoyable winters walk completed before the snow came on turning everywhere lovely and crispy white.

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