Thursday, 14 January 2016

Kilmarnock OIR Darvel circular on the Lang Cairn walk. January 2016

Tea break in the rain.
 On Tueday January 12th Kilmarnock OIR met on a dreich wet morning to do the Lang Cairn walk to Loudoun Hill returning on the old railway line. The forecast as usual said it would be dry in the Darvel area with only a slight chance of a shower. Well how wrong could they be,the rain was constant for the first 3 hours of the 8 mile walk with a little bit of relief early afternoon.Undeterred off we went into the gloom and up the hills to the lang cairn before lunching at the Wallace monument at Loudoun Hill. The leader quite rightly suggested that we miss out the climb up to the top of the hill as it has an extremely steep descent and would be too dangerous today. In the afternoon we trudged along a very wet muddy disused railway line back top the start.I enjoyed the company of this hardy group of ramblers they just take weather and mud in their stride and get on with it. Lets hope for better conditions next week at Troon.

PS. Lack of photos due to the conditions.

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