Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wee walk to Dunure May 2011



High tide and some stormy seas on a blustery morning.

This years lambs are now looking more like sheep.

The colours of the gorse are wonderful at this time of year.
Hi fellow bloggers and readers I am back as promised this weekend. Not with the bang as I had hoped  more a wee bit like a damp squib(a firework for the benefit of foreign bloggers). I am on the mend but only firing on 4 cylinders as opposed to my usual six.This virus thing is taking it out of me and there is no quick fix but there is some light at the end of the tunnel so Him up there will have to wait a wee while longer before  I go upstairs as I am not quite ready to depart this planet yet. So onto today where the Right Honourable Secretary of ADRC came out with me on a short walk from Doonfoot to Dunure by way of the Clyde Coastal Path.He has been very good to me and has inquired after my health on a regular basis for which I am very grateful. Thought he could have at least brought me a bunch of grapes but I am still waiting. Seriously he persuaded me to try this short walk and to be truthful I got on fine and we had a bit of laugh as  it was high tide  we had to dodge the surf a few times to add to the enjoyment. As there was only 2 of us it made it ideal for a bit of bird watching and we had a coffee break watching a pair of gannets hunt for their lunch.Little ringed plover and shellduck were also prominent as we made our way to Dunure. Once there we climbed  our way up to the castle and did a bit of exploring and marvelled at the building techniques of all those years ago. Courtesy of the bus we were back in Ayr around midday. My thanks again to our Right Honourable Secretary for accompaning me as if it was not for him I probably would not have ventured out today.Anyone spotted the grapes yet?

Little ringed plover.

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