Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Elite walking group. Byne Hill Girvan. November 2011

We gave bully a wide berth

Nice walk up a tree lined avenue!

South Ayrshire at its finest.

Four of us walked out to Pinbain Hill (224M)

Todays group with our new member (the teacher)

Girvan Town from Byne Hill (214M)

Byne Cairn

Looking South along the wonderful coastline.

Shorts in November is a record for me.
Today Tuesday November 1st 5 members of the Elite walking group met at Girvan South car park to do the usual Byne Hill circuit. This is a walk we have all done many times before so for that reason this will be a fairly short blog. On a beautiful autumn morning with a low sun we made our way up towards the Grey Hill wetlands on the normal track. Once clear of the path it was the usual wet muddy slog to the top of Grey Hill (297M) with its wonderful sea views of the Firth of Clyde. 4 of us decided to leave our rucksacks behind and went out to Pinbain Hill (224M) to admire the scenery and returned on the same path. We then had our lunch stop before walking over to Byne Hill and then back down to the cars. What a wonderful 9 mile walk   in the glorious sunshine it is hard to believe this is the month of November todays weather was better than we get in the summer. Long may it continue but as we all know in Scotland by the weekend it could be snowing.Thanks to my fellow members for making today an  unforgettable day out in the Ayrshire hills.


  1. Lovely stuff,and I'll bet you did it in record time today. ha ha

  2. Visiting from The Glebe Blog.

    Loving the short shorts.

  3. Daft Scots Lass love your blog. I am very broad minded as obviously you are so keep the comments coming re the shorts I will not be offended. HA HA