Sunday, 27 November 2011

ADRC Lowther Hills circular from Wanlockhead. November 2011

Leader briefing the group on todays route.

We start to leave Wanlockhead behind.

Our first sighting of the golf ball aerial.

On top of East Mount Lowther (732M)

Enterkine Valley.

No mist today on the top of Lowther Hill (725M)

Lunch stop out of the wind.

Todays group at Leadhills Station.

Walking the old railway line.

Todays leader.
On Sunday November 27 ADRC met at Wanlockhead to do a 9 mile circular walk up the Lowther Hills. This is a walk I blogged in October with The Kilmarnock Rocket and Cunninghame ramblers and also I reccied it back in March 2011 with The Right Honourable Secretary so todays blog will really only be a short resume of the walk as most details of the area are already recorded.(2 links in the one blog JD )
18 walkers left the village on a clear but very windy day with the RHS as leader to climb East Mount Lowther crossing over to Lowther and Green Lowther Hills. The wind speed at this point was most probably gale force and it was difficult to keep your balance but we are a hardy lot and managed to battle our way through until we reached the Big Windgate Burn. Descending from here through the heather in the gale surprised a couple of white mountain hares who have now taken on their winter plumage.Crossing over a couple of burns which took us to the old light railway line and back to the start.Super walk in the blustery conditions , special thanks must go to the leader who had been out with me on Saturday night for dinner plus a wee swallie, he only managed 4 hours sleep before he had to pick me up.(not literally) Nae bother to you Sir.

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