Thursday, 1 December 2011

Doonfoot to Dunure and Carrick Hills. December 2011

Today the teacher from Girvan came to Doonfoot and we walked along the shore to the village of Dunure and returned via the Carrick Hills. This is an old favourite of mine and one I have blogged before firstly with the Elite walkers at and secondly with ARDC so for that reason I did not take any photos today. It is a 11 mile circular walk and there are many different ways of doing it. It was a windy showery day as we set off along the shore jumping some of the burns which were in spate after the recent rains. On reaching Dunure we went up through Fisherton and onto the hils before taking a slightly different route back to Doonfoot over some very wet and muddy fields. Still it was a great day out considering we are now into December. ADRC are doing a similar walk on Saturday only as far as Dunure when I will take some photos of the group and hopefully help the leader through some the more difficult terraines we are going to encounter.

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  1. Old Teach will be getting his fitness levels up to yours if you keep pushing him.
    Ever thought of starting up a 'BOOT' camp ?