Saturday, 5 November 2011

ADRC Maybole circular on the Carrick Way November 2011

Walkers are briefed on todays walk at the start.

Not quite a tree lined avenue.(best I could do)

Maybole from Kildoon Hill.

Monument to Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerran.(1800-1849)

The walkers got stretched out today.

Elevenses at a small quarry face.

This is dedicated to a fellow blogger. ("A daft scots lass")

Lochspouts used to supply water to Maybole.

Todays rather large group.

Our leader today was Madam Vice.

A Snipe.


Whooper swans.
On a lovely clear sunny autumn morning 33 walkers from ADRC met at Maybole baths car park for a 9 mile circular walk using parts of the Carrick Way. The first part took us on to the top of Kildoon Hill with its wonderful monument to Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerran whose family still have ties in the area today. A nice muddy path now took us to over to Craigfin Hill with its views towards the villages of Crosshill and Dailly. It was here that our rambling twitcher spotted about 10 whooper swans on their annual migration to this country flying nearby. Also twitched by the same walker were a pair of snipes and a kestrel sitting high up on a power cable in the sunshine. Coming back towards Maybole we crossed a ford in the river giving us a chance to clean our boots after we had been through some quite muddy paths. On to a hard road that took us back to the start to end what was a most enjoyable sunny walk in a large group with all the usual banter associated the ADRC.Thank you Madam Vice for leading us today it was a pleasure to be out on such a fantastic mild day in the November sunshine and your knowledge of the local history made it a walk to remember once the long winter nights start in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Looks a great walk Gordon.You mention Whooper Swans which reminds me to go up to Glenamour to see if they've returned for the winter.
    Have a nice week.