Monday, 2 January 2012

ADRC New Year walk. River Ayr to Annbank circular. January 2012

Starting out on the River Ayr path.

Lots of storm damage has been done.

Annbank village is still asleep.

Then the ramblers arrived.

Annbank railway viaduct.

Gadgirth Bridge.

Well it is New Year.

Some of the walkers had a wee swallie.

There was more than enough to go round.

The bothy finally collapsed.

Ayrshire version of "Nessie"

Must speak to the groups colour co-ordinator!

We were all hoping she was going to limbo dance under the tree.

Todays large group on Oswald Bridge.

The 1st leader of 2012.

Tea and cake at the farmers house.
The first walk for ADRC in 2012 was an old favourite on the River Ayr paths. I have covered this walk in 2 blogs in 2011 both in the company of South Ayrshire ramblers firstly back in March then more recently  in December so as most of the local information has already been covered I will make this blog fairly short.23 of us left the cars at Oswald Hall and made our way up the river on a cold windy morning to Annbank which was still asleep after all their festivities of the last few nights. Today our leader had worked out a slight variation from our normal route and took us over towards an area known as Gadgirth. At one time we believe there was a large estate house here but it has long since gone. Coffee break was a very jovial occasion with one or two bottles being passed round accompanied by Tiffin cake (I had never heard of it either) other delicacies included biscuits and sweets. Back on to the river paths we had a couple of detours on BRIDLE paths which made the walk a little longer than our normal one. Arriving back at the cars the leader was thanked by everybody for working out a route which was just a perfect distance of about 7 miles to work off the excesses of the new year celebrations.
A few of us were then invited back to the farmers house for tea and biccies which was a lovely way to end our day out.

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  1. Lovely looking walk Gordon and A Happy New Year to you and Anne.
    I'm surprised you'd never heard of Tiffin cake.Not to be confused with the old colonial 'Tiffin'.
    In our household all the biscuit crumbs were saved to make the cake.