Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Happy New Year to all our readers. 1st January 2012

Well here we are again the 1st blog of 2012. I thought I would take this opportunity to recap some of the highlights of 2011 and also a couple of the low ones.In 2011 I posted 151 blog reports mostly on the walks I have done with various rambling groups. The mileage for the year was app. 1394 so I have already made my New Year resolution to beat that figure.I have taken the opportunity to highlight in yellow the walks that were in my mind without doubt some of the best I have ever done. If you click on the links you will be able to share the memories with me. Firstly there was the 5 Peak challenge  on Arran back in June. That day the sun shone from the start of our walk to the finish at Pirnmill. The views from the summit and the company of my fellow walkers made it a day out to treasure for a long time to come.Next was the the 3 Beinns Horseshoe again on Arran. Like my first choice the weather made the day for this very challenging walk taking in some of the islands finest mountains.Next on my list was a walk I did led by one of ADRC's finest, none other than Madam Vice herself when she took us to the Lowther Hills for a day out on some rather steep descents and ascents to make it another memorable outing with the group.
       From a more personal point of view Anne and I also had some memorable times in 2011, firstly at the start of the year we were enjoying our cruise in the Carribean, a super party in the garden for our Prestwick Grandson who celebrated his 3rd birthday back in July. Also my sister from Victoria in British Columbia, Canada came home for a visit and we were able to spend a few days on Arran with her remembering the good old days.
      Lastly with the highs come some lows and the one that immediately comes to mind was when I went down with a urinary infection that definately was the worst moment of 2011. Anything that keeps me off the hills has to taken seriously. Mind you I am sure you will all remember the famous grapes kindly donated by The Right Honourable Secretary who helped me on the road to recovery.Also the soakings we all got throughout the walking year it must go down as one of the wettest ones on record.
      To conclude it was a very good year with lots of memorable occassions which we hope you have all enjoyed sharing with us . Apart from the blog being a tool that Anne and I can record our year we know  it  brings some pleasure to readers in other parts of the world some not as fortunate as ourselves. We receive lots of feedback from the blog which we hope will continue  throughout 2012.

Anne and Gordon Phillips.

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