Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dailly to Girvan via Hadyard Hill. February 2012

Penwhapple resevoir

Some unusual ice patterns in this burn.

The teacher on top of Saugh Hill (293M)

Me on the summit of Maxwellston Hill(314M)
Thursday 2nd February  I left Ayr on the bus heading for Dailly to meet the teacher for a walk to Girvan by way of the hills.On a clear cold frosty morning we left the village and climbed up to Hadyard Hill (324M) crossing over to Maxwellston Hill (314M) before descending over the road which takes you to Barr at Penwhapple Bridge. Here we stopped for some lunch before climbing up to the trig point on Saugh Hill high above Girvan. We then took our usual route back down through Faulribbon farm back to the town. This was a walk of about 9 miles but with lots of good climbs on very hard frosty ground. Perhaps it is not a walk to be tackled if the ground was at  at all wet but today offered the most perfect conditions. Another great day out on new route that neither of us had tackled before.


  1. Love the ice.
    There was a song by the Corries mentions Maxwellston Braes

  2. The Corries song was about Maxwelton Braes are bonny from a track entitled "Annie Laurie"Nearly right James.