Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cunninghame ramblers. Cloud Hill by Sanquhar.. July 2012

Today's "B" walkers.

The "B" leader!!
Yesterday Tuesday July 3 I met the group at Sanquhar who had organised a "C" and "B" grade walks. The B's were doing an 8 mile trek utilising parts of the Southern Upland Way . On a cloudy fairly dreich morning we started our climb to the base of Cloud Hill well it was not long until we were in the clouds when the rain and drizzle started. Very shortly afterwards we were all soaked when the leader decided to just go to the base of the hill to have a lunch stop and return by the same route as you could follow the path quite easily in the thick mist. Once we descended to below cloud level it was quite a nice warm day the real problems were at height. Arriving back at the cars we met up with the other group to end a wet, soggy, and  mucky day but as usual we all enjoyed the company with all the usual gags about our wonderful summer weather.

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  1. Another wet one eh Gordon !
    Here's a link to a book written in 1891 by James Brown, Burgh Assessor.
    History of Sanquhar
    I've only scanned selected pages, but it's a great historical reference book about the area and an excellent appendix of the Flora and Fauna (which you know about).