Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wigtownshire ramblers. Barony Hill by Dailly. July 2012

Leader explaining today's route.

Group at summit of Barony Hill. (319M)
Today Saturday July 7 I  joined my mother group for an 8 mile walk up Barony Hill near to the South Ayrshire village of Dailly. 19 of us left the village square on a mild cloudy morning to the path through Lindsaystone woods to take us up to  Barony Hill. Again this week the blog is very brief as my good friend the Newton Stewart Blogger was with us he will be publishing a very full and professional blog of todays walk. (Thanks J.D.) Lunch was taken at the old limestone quarry before dropping down throught the woods to a path along the river Girvan back to the village. A super days walk in dry weather which made a wonderful change to all the wet days we have experienced recently. Big thanks to the teacher who was our leader today and also the back marker who carried out his duties admirably with only a wee hint of moans about the slow pace of which he is not normally associated with.

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  1. I fancy going looking down those underground workings Gordon. They're fascinating. Between yourself and the 'Teacher' you're coming up with some good walks.