Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Maybole circular with two new wee twists. July 2012

At the trig point on Craigfin (227M)
Just a brief posting today Tuesday July 10th as this is a walk I have blogged many times in the past. I met the groups colour co-ordinator, the teacher and a new guest today "Miss teacher" who is on holiday from the classroom at present . Leaving Maybole baths car park we headed over the normal route passed the monument on the hill until we crossed the style at the road. Here we turned right to High Burncross and Altewan farms to look for a track which was clearly marked on the map. Alas they did not mention mud and fences this is not a route to be taken particularly if it is wet the going was a wee bit challenging to say the least. Once back on the right road we went up to the gate which takes you through a boggy track to the murder plaque. Here it was my suggestion to avoid this area we would go up Craigdon and over the hill to meet up with the path at the top. Well the grass was quite long and extremely wet but wonderful views of the Clyde from the summit. After lunch we rejoined the normal track over Craigfin and back to Maybole. Considering it was a wee bit drizzly when we started we were lucky it soon dried off and  all enjoyed this 8 mile walk which with our new wee twists changed it completely from the normal route.


  1. Lookin at the picture I wondered what you meant by two new wee twists ! I'm glad you explained.
    'Miss Teacher' wouldn't be happy be called a twist lol

  2. p.s word verification on the last comment was 3 eckaide..........now isn't that interesting